Southwark Carol
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Date :

13th December, 2019

Reception :


Carol starts

@6pm – 9pm

The Everlasting Arms Ministries
600-608 Old Kent Road

Our Vision

Touching Lives, Preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, Restoring Destiny and Hope

Our Mission

Redemption, Recovery and Restoration by Breaking satanic yokes and Restoring destinies through preaching the undiluted Word of God, fervent prayer, effective counselling and unrelenting mentoring, and Raising leaders by equipping people of all age groups with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to assume positions of responsibility. This is evident in our involvement in various community and outreach projects.

Our Value Statement

TEAM has a divine assignment aiming at:

    • Helping people to unleash hidden and covered potentials hitherto under satanic bondage.
    • Encouraging people to place emphasis on the practical applications of Biblical principles.
    • Encouraging people to adhere and embrace God’s commandments and instructions.
  • Spreading to other parts of UK, Europe and the world to further our primary aim of helping people