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Intrested in Joinning any Department? 

TEAM youth ministry exist to minister to young people from the age between 12 and 30.

Raising young Leaders of tomorrow today. Involving youth in leadership.

Our aim is to discover, develop and disciple young leaders who will sustain the principles of the kingdom in relationships, business, politics and every other sphere of life.


  • To grow spiritually, intellectually and mentally through discussions, bible study, testimonies and words of encouragement.
  • To build an increased membership base who will be committed to the vision of the fellowship.
  • To encourage youth participation in church events and activities organized by our ministry.
  • To communicate better with each other through new and existing methods.
  • To provide youth with guidance as they face personal, spiritual and vocational decisions.

Christ’s call for men to lead courageously in many areas of their lives: at work, with families, friends, through mission and outreach.


Men’s ministry is the active pursuit of men in order to connect them to God, his world and other men for the purpose of winning, growing and training God’s man in Christ.


The aim of Men’s ministry is to equip, inspire, empower and disciple men to be more Christ-like in every aspect of their life. It is to create Men of God to function within their gifting and purpose.

The men’s fellowship is also to awaken the leader within all men in TEAM to service the kingdom of God through Godly principles and being representatives of Godly vision.

Working in one accord, the men’s fellowship assists in the vision of TEAM and the ministry’s components.



Men need encouragement to form friendship and won’t feel safe talking about the things on their hearts in a mixed environment. Hence the importance of men’s group.

Come and joins us to create a platform of discussion on men’s related topics and also fortify our self with the renewing power of the word of God. We want to see a gathering where men come together to hear God’s word and live with hearts on fire for Christ.

Women’s ministry dates back to Biblical times where women, such as Sarah, Deborah, Ruth, Mary and Martha, had an influence on the development of the early church. A prominent scripture which Christians use as a Biblical precedent as to the purpose of women’s ministry is Titus 2:3-5. Women ministry took root in that aspect of scripture and has grown to feed women spiritually over the word.

Here at TEAM we believe that women are relationship-focused and need to connect with other women in order to grow, mature and learn from others, and to share their experiences on their journey of faith.

The objectives of the Women of destiny is to empower women, by addressing their physical and spiritual needs and to help them identify their God-given talents in all areas of life. Women of Destiny’s primary concern is to enable women fulfill their purpose.
Pastor Lola is the pioneer and the founder of the women of destiny. Her core fundamental pillar is prayer which she believes will empower every woman and influence their lives and relationship in the church and the community at large.

As women find and develop their potentials, they are able to take leadership roles in ministry and elsewhere to impact the community and world.

Come and join us!

The single’s department is the church arm created for singles in the church to learn the truth about relationships from God’s word and also to fellowship and recreate with other single persons. We share the opinion that as much as we are spiritual beings we are also social beings.

This ministry is for singles age 18 and above. By single we mean those who have never been married or those who are married and divorced. This includes also single parents.

The main objective of the single’s ministry is to understand God’s purpose for every single person, in order to avoid ungodly immorality and wait on God for guidance into proper marriage.
We strive to attain these objectives by holding social events where the singles get to interact with each other in a more relaxed environment; and in seminars where the singles are taught the truth of God’s word.



To effectively capture the various categories of singles in church and guide them in discovering their place in the ministry.


  • To encourage and help singles grow in their knowledge and love for God
  • To help singles build healthy relationships among themselves.
  • To provide a platform for marriage preparation for singles who desire to get married.
  • To wait on God for guidance into proper marriages.
  • To share and receive counselling around common issues affecting single’s social life.

TEAM children’s ministry is the arm of the church that trains children age between 3 and 12 years old. Teachers within the ministry have passion for the ministry, knowledge and experience in children evangelism.

Godly children, World changers.

Developing and nurturing tomorrow’s leaders who are well grounded in the word, leaders who are respectful, responsible and resourceful to the world around.


  • To lead children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord.
  • To develop and deepen the child’s relationship with Christ so that he/she is aware of God’s provision and presence.
  • To develop in our children, a hunger to know God’s word and apply it, in obedience to their lives.
  • To provide opportunity and encourage children to memorize sections from the Bible.
  • To acquaint children with praying, so they understand communication with God is available at all times.
  • To encourage our children into active fellowship available in Christ body- the church.
  • To teach children about missions and introduce them to the need and role missionaries have throughout the world.


  • Reading and Bible teaching lessons.
  • Singing/listening/learning songs on, prayer time, object lessons, memory verses, dramas, quizzes, talent shows etc.
  • Our younger children also learn a lot by playing with toys e.g. role playing, building blocks, messy play, colouring, painting etc. thus developing them mentally, physically, socially and spiritually

TEAM choir ministry is set to lead the congregation into worshiping God through music that sets their eyes and heart towards God and create an atmosphere for the unbelievers to accept Christ. TEAM choir also helps to set the mood of every service for the word to be readily preached and received.

To raise a congregation of true worshippers that transcends the church walls and full of the embodiment of God.

Transforming lives through worship and raising a congregation of true worshippers.


  • To see the saved grow in their love for God through worship and to draw the unsaved to a closer walk with God.
  • To work closely with other organisations within London to foster and promote community activity that will propagate the gospel in UK and beyond.
  • To achieve musical excellence through the same kind of love for service displayed by our great example set by our Lord Jesus Christ.

This ministry attends to visual capturing of our weekly services and events for the purpose of developing, recordings and live broadcasting. The team is made out of passionate experienced and inexperienced individual who are willing to learn how to operate cameras and other technical equipment.

The recorded visuals are then used to develop DVD’s or mp4’s. We always strive for excellence in what we do and it remains imperative to upgrade to a level competitive to the industry at large. Different methodologies are incorporated to attain high standard quality of work which dedication, commitment and passion, are the major drivers needed for every team player in this department.

The ministry operates under the broad name Media. It consists of several other arms as listed below:

  • Multi-media projector Unit.
  • Websites development and maintenance unit
  • Programming unit
  • Photography unit
  • Magazines and Brochures nit
  • Newsletters and notice-board unit.
  • Streaming unit.

Ephesians 6:7 admonishes to serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men. Greeting people in a warm way makes them feel good about their presence in Church.

This very scripture from the word of God constitutes the fundamental principle under which our ushers base their commitments.


Ushering people into the house of God


  • Clean and prepare the church
  • Keep order at the entrance
  • Greeting people entering the church
  • Assisting people to their seat.
  • Distribute bulletins and service programmes.
  • Look out for pastors and visitors speaking
  • Collecting tithes and offerings.
  • Come and join us to worship together and you will not be left in the church as you will be warmly welcomed by our devoted ushers who will introduce you to your seat and provide you with a safe and healthy environment in Jesus name!

Here at TEAM the protocol ministry is there to serve the pastors, mainly the senior pastor and all the visiting speakers.

During conferences and special church events the protocol ministry is responsible for various activities, from shuttling guests from and to hotels, and to the worship centre, while also providing the necessary security needed, in the real sense fulfilling the function of Armour bearers.

The protocol also provides security backups, before and during the service, as well as providing logistical support and corporation to other departments such as Ushering department, this fostering an environment which is safe to worship in.


  • In charge of protocol generally for the senior pastor
  • Coordinates and directs members who want to see the pastor.
  • Protocol for guest ministers
  • In charge of the church bus and transporting of pastors and guest ministers.